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We all know a good quality white shirt is a must item in our wardrobe. As a basic staple, this piece is definitely a game changer when it comes to instant ootd fix. Pair it with denim or palazzo, with pantsuit or a maxi pleated leather skirt, it will always serve a ‘Look’. Yet, the fun doesn’t have to end here. If you’re looking to take your white shirt-game to the next level, you can try to wear this basic item in any other way than by just tucking it in or hanging it loose.

Curious? Scroll down below to find out how you can style your white shirt in an unconventional yet stylish way!

Bare the Shoulder.

HOW: Button it half way up and pull down the sleeves over the shoulders to create that feminine off-shoulder silhouette. Pair with high waisted wide-leg trouser and dress sandals for that chic urban look. 

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Back Bow.

HOW: Cause tying it at the front is overrated! Put on your white shirt the other way around and tie the hems at the back into a cute bow. Wear it with skinny jeans and lace-up or strap heels for a romantic night out!

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One Piece Standing.

HOW: If you happen to own an oversized white shirt (could be your dad’s or boyfriend’s too), try wearing on its own as a shirt dress. Accessorise it with statement belt or let it loose on its own. You can also amp up your style game by layering it with chic tube top or a corset on top of it.

Via Cosmopolitan NY

Half Way Done.

HOW: Put your arm in one of the sleeves and button the shirt on the side up until the armpit. Secure the other sleeve by tying it around your waist or by tucking it in at the back. 

Via Fashionista

Tie the Knot.

HOW: Last but definitely not least, for that extra detail, take the end on one side and tie it into a nice knot. Leave the other end on the opposite side loose to give it a ” totally-not trying-but trying” look.

Photo by Sandra Semburg

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