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Good quality suit is without a doubt a worthy investment for every man. Although, the good quality ones definitely last longer, still, they have the tendency to wear out when you wear it too often or take care of it the wrong way. Just like any other investments, your suits deserve to be taken care of. Here are simple ways you can do daily to lengthen the life span of your precious suits. 

1. Cleaning: Only Dry-Clean When It’s Needed.

In this context, over dry-cleaning your suit can wear away the natural fibers, hence shorten its life span. Most of the time, a good clothes brush will do to remove dusts or dirts. Opt for soft towel and a bit of water to clean stains. If the stain can’t be removed with water or in the case where your suit starts to smell funny, then you can take it to the dry-clean.

2. Hanging: Air it Out and Opt for Wooden Hanger.

After a long day outside, take off your suit and hang it to air out. This will help the natural fibres to breathe. Also, always use a thick wooden or plastic hanger with rounded edges to hang your suit to maintain its shape and allow the moistures to exit (Never, ever, drap it over your chair or hang it on the wire hanger).

3. Pressing: Get a Steamer.

Invest on a steamer to press your suits. This because dry iron tends to be too hot and burn the suit’s fine fibres. Again, it also allows the fibres to breathe, hence prevent that stanky smell.

4. Storing & Packing: Keep it in a Garment Bag.

When you are not wearing your suit, hang it (remember, the wooden hanger!) and put it inside a dustproof garment bag. It is also better to dry clean the suit before you store it for a long period of time (example; before you keep away your winter wool suit for the summer).

There is a way to fold your suit if you want to pack it in your suitcase. First, turn the jacket suit inside out and put the shoulders together. Make sure the lapels and the seams are lined up, then roll it up from bottom to top

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**Video Source: MR PORTER

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