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Men love their shorts. It is practical and most importantly, comfortable. However, most of them seem to take an easy way when it comes to planning outfits around it. Most common pair would be tee, shorts, and sneakers, if not, sandals. Although there is nothing wrong with the basic combo mentionedthere are other ways to look stylish in shorts. In fact, big designer labels like Dior Homme, Fendi and Cerruti 1881 have been showing us how to dress and look dapper in it.

Hence, in this quest of looking good in shorts, first thing first is to keep your lounge shorts at home. Same goes with your beach shorts, leave it for the beach trip only. Your best bets are chinos and tailored shorts for going out  (denim shorts can be tricky as it can make you look a bit boyish). These two are the best as you can dress them up and down according to the occasion.

Next, keep it classic and sophisticated by pairing it with linen or lightweight cotton shirt and knitted cardigan or sweater for casual errand. The shirt can either be plain, striped, printed, the choice is yours. 

Cerruti SS19
picture credit: Robert Spangle 

Meanwhile, take your shorts out to events by wearing it with tailored suit jacket. You might need sometime to get comfortable with this combo, but trust me, it is in fact on-trend. You just need to be confident enough to pull it off. Plus, it doesn’t make you any less dapper than the full-suit look.

Hugo Boss SS19
Dior Homme SS19

Perfect length for everyone is one-to-two inch above the knee that grazes the bottom of the thigh. But, if you’re up for the latest trend, try giving short shorts a chance.

Hugo Boss 2019
Christian Dada SS19
Hermes SS19
Fendi SS19

Last but not least, go for muted colours with little detailing like zips, flaps or pockets. Keep it as minimal as possible unless you are going for a more street or sporty look.

Versace SS19

No more excuse to look shabby in your shorts right?

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