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Most of the time, guys tend to settle for bigger sizes when it comes to their jeans simply because they don’t want to feel uncomfortable or constricted. Little did they know, comfortable doesn’t always mean it fits them right and when it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t look good. Let’s be real, everybody wants to look good and for that it is important to find the fit, cut, and wash that fits with your day to day lifestyle.

Below are some men’s guides on how to choose the right pair of jeans:

Fit Doesn’t Always Have to be Tight.

The basic rule of looking good is to find pieces with the right fit. When it comes to your jeans, the right one should fit on your waist just nice. No belt needed nor it is skin tight. You should be able to fit two fingers at most in the waistband. More than that, they are not your right size. Apart from that, the right size should also hug your butt slightly and give room for you to squat or lift up your legs without feeling constricting.

To check the fit around the thigh, you can use the Pinch Trick: Stand up and pinch the fabric horizontally around the thigh area using your thumb and forefinger. You know it is your size when you are able to pinch an inch or two of the extra fabric.

Find out the Right Cut for Your Body Type.

Nowadays men’s jeans come in many cuts and fits. This again can be very confusing if one has yet to find out the right cut that suits his body type. The cut is important cause it shows your body shape. The wrong cut can make someone looks shorter or bulkier than they really are. Generally, medium rise with straight cut jean is a more classic choice. They are slightly wider and not too tight. The bottom hem of straight cut tend to be as wide or almost the same as the width of the thigh.

Other cuts would be:

Tapered fit: Best for guys that don’t have big thighs. Go with tapered cut if you are a bit bulky at the thigh and the butt compared to your calves.

Skinny fit: Made for guys with skinny thighs and calves. If you have slim legs all the way through from your thighs to your calves, this cut works well on you.

Athletic & Relaxed cut: Athletic cut is more or less the same with relaxed cut, the difference is relaxed cut tends to be less tapered. These cuts work well compared to straight/slim cut on athletic guys with large thighs or larger body frame in general.

The Length of The Jeans

The length of the jeans should be measure from the inside leg, from the crotch to the bottom of the leg. This is where most people make mistake cause they tend to measure starting from the waistband and end up with jeans that are too long.

Go For The Classic

When it comes to the wash, unwashed denim makes a better investment. This is because it won’t ever look outdated. This also applies for the pockets. Make sure it is not too big or have too many details. These types of pockets go out of trend really fast and will make it seems like you have a saggy butt.

Dark Colour is a Better Choice

When in doubt, go with dark denim as it can take you from day-to-night. But remember, dark doesn’t always have to be black. Different jeans come in different shades of blue and black, and if you were only to invest on one, darker shades are always better than the lighter ones. 


1. Refer to the sizing and labels. It will be easier if you know your exact measurements beforehand.

2. When you want to try them on, take your size, one size up and one size down to the fitting room. This will safe you more time. 


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