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Truth is,  when it comes to corporate world, looking well polished is really important. When you look good, you feel good, hence you perform better and people tend to take you more seriously when you look well-presented.

For some of us, dressing good to the office can be a total headache. With little time to spare in morning to get ready, from showering, to doing our make-up, to skipping breakfast for having to leave early, the last thing in our mind is figuring out which top goes with which bottom. In the end, we tend to settle with same ol’ outfit combo of basic dress shirt and trouser (throw a blazer as an addition on the day we have an important meeting!). All in either white, black, french blue or other neutral colours, simply because they’re safe and will never look bad, or you thought.

As Tom Ford once saiddressing well is a form of good manner.

What you might not know, adding a few pieces can do wonder to your officewear selections. Now as you’re reading this article you might be thinking “Oh great, now I have to go shopping and buy tons of officewear pieces to stock up my wardrobe”. Well, you’re not entirely wrong. Yes, there will be some shopping required, but we are here to help you cut the expenses. These few key pieces can give you an instant fashion fix and make your office outfits look less boring than the usual combo. Best thing, you get to keep the stuff you already have in your wardrobe and just mix and match them together!

1. Colourful Suit Set.

If you have been settling with basic black, grey or navy blue suit, it’s time to one up your game by opting for colourful ones instead. Let it be in purple, yellow, tiffany blue or pastel pink, that hint of colour will definitely make your day slightly, if not, much brighter. You can also wear the set separately like pairing the jacket with midi pleated skirt or the trouser with white button down shirt. That makes 3 outfits already!

2. Midi Skirt.

Well, if you’re looking to explore more outfit combo besides dress shirt and trouser, midi skirt could be your other workwear saviour. The silhouette gives enough feminine touch while at the same time still giving off the ladyboss vibe you need to be in control at the office. If you’re going for a more sophisticated look, go with the straight cut, meanwhile the A-line is more laid back and playful.

3. Plaids.

Patterns can be boring and repetitive when you wear them too often, but not with plaids. It is a new neutral and never goes out of style. Originally a menswear pattern, plaid naturally speaks business, so you don’t need to try hard to make it work. But, it doesn’t always have to look so serious. Wear plaid blazer with your smart casual outfit or pair your plaid skirt with a knitwear on top.  Whatever the combo, the pattern will always make your outfit HR-approved!

4.  Statement Belt.

Little thing makes big difference, in this case it is statement belt. Wear it around your blazer or with high-waisted skirt, the addition adds a sophisticated twist to a simple outfit. 

5. Statement Shoes.

Another way to cheat your way when it comes to workwear is to invest on statement shoes. Give your everyday work shoes a rest and go a little bolder with your footwear. This one will require more dime but hey, who doesn’t love pretty shoes right!? And yes, we know is all about comfort at work, so opt for block or kitten heels, ankle boots, even mules. With this one, you get to keep your basic workwear combo. It can be as simple as wearing a black pantsuit with red ankle boots or midi skirt with bedazzled lace-up flats. Just make sure your footwear catches everyone’s attention!

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