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Men’s Wardrobe Essentials

Most sartorially clueless guys believe that looking stylish takes a lot of effort and money. The truth is looking fashionable on daily basis is very much achievable if one itself owns the right “core” pieces in their wardrobe. The best thing about these core pieces are you can wear them repeatedly and look presentable every time. While for some who already know their personal style see this as the basic, others don’t even know where to start. Well, worry not as I am here to help you get your fashion game on.

1. Tailored Suit

This is the classic. Although this is not something that guys would wear everyday, a well-fitted suit is must-have when it comes to men’s wardrobe. Don’t be stingy and invest in a suit with great quality as form-fitting suit can turn someone’s look from a 6 to 10 in instance! (trust me on this one). If you find black colour suit to be too formal, go with navy or grey for a more versatile option (though I highly suggest to always have a black tux/suit and dress pants ready for unexpected events!).

2. White Button Down Shirt

This piece is the most versatile in men’s wardrobe and you can wear it for pretty much every occasion. Opt for oxford or crisp cotton. Make sure it is fitted and what I mean by fitted is, YOUR SIZE, not too tight nor too big, especially on the chest and sleeves area.  French-blue is also another great versatile color option.

3. Navy Blue Blazer

More casual than suit jacket but still look dapper at the same time. Wear it with white button down shirt and khaki chinos or shorts for a casual yet stylish look.

credit: Pinterest

4. Good Quality T-Shirt

Make sure it is PLAIN and has no graphic prints on it (I am not saying graphic tees are bad, but most of them are). Also, go with crew neck or polo in basic colors like black,white or navy blue or green. Remember, this is the easiest way to look presentable and comfortable at the same time.

5. Crew Neck Sweater

Because all guys need a good quality sweater in their wardrobe. Wear it by itself or over a shirt. Again, settle for neutral or dark colors.

6. Good Pair of Jeans in Classic Denim Blue and Black

Everybody needs a well-fitted pair of jeans, one in classic denim blue and one in black. While the blue is perfect for casual day out, the dark shade makes it versatile and timeless. If you are not a skinny-jeans type of guy, go with the straight cut. Make sure it’s not too long nor baggy around the bottom area. The good one is supposed to well fit but still give you enough leg room when you sit down.

7. Chinos

This is another classic, slim fit chinos in khaki color. Also, a great way to replace jeans as well as dress pants. Wear it with plain white tee, denim jacket and white sneakers for a laid-back look or with navy blazer, white button down shirt and oxford shoes for a more classic look.

Chinos with White Button Down Shirt. Credit: Pinterest

8. Dress Shoes

Brogue or Oxford in tan color always work with navy or gray suits while a pair of black lace-ups is more suitable with tuxedos. Note: Square-Toed shoes are a big NO NO!

9. A Pair of White Sneakers

Cause you can never go wrong with it.

10. Chelsea Boots

Pair it up with pretty much anything for a simple yet chic look. This will also make your outfit 10x classier without even trying hard. Opt for suede or leather materials. For versatility, go with black, chocolate brown or rich tan colour.

Additional pieces: Trench Coat, Denim Shirt, Leather Jacket.

Although the list is pretty much applicable to all guys, I feel like this would be really helpful for those who just started to gain interest in fashion but absolutely have no clue of where to begin. So, don’t be afraid to try. Once you get the hang of it, you can now slowly amp your look with more fashionable pieces.